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who are you? What do you do?

Short answer: I advise Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) startups on product development, user experience, marketing, and analytics, and in general try to make myself useful to growth-oriented folks that see the potential in everything. I’m fascinated by artificial intelligence, technology trends, space, and how people around the world are reacting and adapting to advances in all three of these fields. Oh, and ninjas.

Longer, more descriptive, less-buzzwordy answer: At heart, I’m a problem-solver. I get a deep sense of fulfillment out of finding ways around the myriad obstacles that present themselves when you’re bringing a great idea to life.

I’ve been lucky to work with the world-class user experience design team at Digital Telepathy on a number of popular web products that have been seen and used by a surprising number of people, including Hello Bar (acquired by Neil Patel and Hiten Shah at Crazy Egg), SlideDeck, Flare, and Filament, which was recently acquired by the awesome folks at ShareThis.

In total, I’ve accumulated end-to-end product management experience from concepting and customer development right through to scaling and exit, across 9 different products, including SaaS, premium WordPress plugins and iOS apps. Oh, and prior to that, I spent 13 years in digital marketing and advertising. So if you’ve got a startup problem, I’d say the odds are about 80/20 that I can at least point you in the right direction.

Industries and technologies I’d love to get involved with next: AI, machine learning, virtual & augmented reality, green tech, the internet of things (IoT), drones/robotics, and of course, commercial space.

Need help?

Drop me a line on Clarity.FM. I can help you think through next steps from how to validate your product idea, to monetizing your product, and scaling your business.

How do I contact you?

 / Tweet to me @king_jaffy / Find me on Linkedin / Follow me on Quora

Consulting Services

You’re in luck! I’m currently available for consulting services and love helping startups find their product and marketing groove. I have experience with – and can usually help in – the following areas:

  • “Should I build it?” – Validating product concepts & features
  • “Who’s my customer?” Identifying and targeting your ideal customers
  • “How do I grow?” – Finding growth opportunities for your product

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What do you write about?

Here’s a quick summary of topics about which I’ve usually got opinions & stories to share:

Startups / SaaS & Product Development / Artificial Intelligence
Space / General Musings

How do I subscribe to your blog?

Step right this way, friend.

Tell me something interesting

How about I tell you four:

  • I spent 7 years doing improvised comedy, after one fateful night where I performed in drag for an audience of hundreds…
  • I’m considering having my brain cryogenically frozen after I die, (trust me, it just makes sense)
  • My all-time fave guilty pleasure movie is Stealth (judge away 😉
  • I used to host a YouTube show all about web design and UX trends, called DT.tv – check it out, it was a gas!