You’re in an arranged marriage with your life

Photo by Yoann Boyer

So here’s the deal: You’re in an arranged marriage with your life, and it’ll be with you until your final breath.

So instead of bitterly lamenting the choice that was made for you, why not learn to appreciate the peculiar quirks and charms, and the infuriating challenges of your life, because they are uniquely yours, unlike any other gift that was ever given, and unlike any that ever will be given again.

Your life is a one-of-a-kind mirror, with a reflection only you can see – part of a glittering disco ball of all possibilities, conceivable and otherwise. Many facets are placed adjacent to yours, but none will ever capture exactly the same perspective. Your experiences, and the Meaning you give them, are yours alone.

Treat your life like a friend, and it’ll buoy you when you’re laid low. Curse it, abuse it, and bemoan your fortune for having this life, and it withdraws its affections from you, like a jilted lover with whom you must still share a bed.


Fall in love with your life, and it warms, and starts to love you back. Caress it, and tease it, and it’ll sing for you and spread wide open for you, moaning its craving for more of you all for you.

Build an intimate relationship with your life through your presence and attention, and it will become the love of your life, cradling you as you spend your days growing old together.

Until Death do you part.